A simple app that turns an Excel Spreadsheet into an online beer list

Welcome to the online Festival Tap List. As an organiser and attendee of many festivals I wanted to create a tool that allows festival organisers to have an online beer list at a minimal cost (share some beer with me).

Online Beer List Example

North Sussex Spring Equinox (See Generated Site)

We will create a site for you that will show the tasting notes online. You will then receive a link to the online list and a QR Code.


  1. Simple to use, site generated from a spreadsheet
  2. Add an Untappd List for those that do Untappd
  3. Filter the festival list using APV ranges or drink styles
  4. Promote the breweries by linking to them in the tasting notes (optional)
  5. Free text for entering the drink styles.

What we need from you

  1. Festival Name and date of the festival
  2. Number of bars in the festival and their names e.g. (Cask,Keg,Cider) or (Dark,Light) or (Sussex,Surrey,Kent)

We will then send you a spreadsheet with a worksheet for each bar. Once you have filled it in and returned it to us we will generate your list.

Start the Process

Please send an email to lotushope@hotmail.com with the subject Online Beer List and the initial information (above).