Festival Tap List All Entries

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Producer Name Type ABV No.
360 Degree Bark at the Moon (V) Stout 4.0%
360 Degree Bluebell Best (V) Bitter 4.3%
360 Degree Summer Breeze (V) Pale 4.0%
360 degrees Double Act APA 4.7%
360 degrees Volks ESB ESB 5.5%
Aleworks Into The Wild Pale 4.2%
Aleworks Stay Gold Golden Ale 4.2%
Anarchy Citra Star (V) Golden Ale 4.1%
Anspach & Hobday IPA IPA 6.0%
Arbor Magic Mountain Strong 6.0%
Arbour Mosaic Gluten Free Pale 4.0%
Arundel Smash Pale 4.5%
Arundel Wild Heaven IPA 5.2%
Arundel Brewery Flight Club Pale 4.5%
Ascension Its An Illusion (Perry) Perry - Dry 6.6%
Ascension Its Not A Trick Perry 6.2%
Ascension Mothership Cider 6.0%
Ascension Per Cider 4.0%
Ascension Pilot Medium 4.8%
Ascension Purple Haze Cider 4.0%
Ascension Shimmy Tart 4.0%
Ascension Wrath Red Grape 4.0%
Ashover Calypso Pale 3.6%
Ayr Summer Knitting NZ Pale 5.3%
Barefaced Flash IPA Strong 5.9%
Batcheldor JB Cider 5.5%
Batcheldor Medium Cider 5.0%
Battle Harold's Eye IPA 5.6%
Battle One Hop Wonder - Citra (V) Pale 4.3%
Battle Vintage Reserve Dry 7.2%
Bedlam Ground Control Porter 4.5%
Beerblefish Gingerbeerble Hard Ginger 5.3%
Ben Crossman Mayfield Sweet Cider 6.0%
Ben Crossman 6% Mayfield Cider (S) Cider 6.0%
Bexley Cherry Brandy Stout Stout 5.8%
Bexley Hills & Holes Pale 3.8%
Bexley May Place Pale 4.1%
Bexley Sherry Red Red 5.5%
Big Trip Have You Met My Monster IPA 5.2%
Big Trip Wowzies in the Trousers Pale 4.8%
Bignose & Beardy Anniversary Medium Cider 5.0%
Bignose & Beardy Early Doors (M) Cider 5.7%
Bignose & Beardy Haisy Shepherd (D) Cider 5.8%
Black Pig Medium Cider 4.0%
Black Pig Perry Perry 9.0%
Black Pig Sweet Perry 9.0%
Black Pig Vintage Cider 9.0%
Black Pig Vintage Dry Cider 8.0%
Black Storm Tropical Storm (V) NEIPA 4.2%
Blackjack Drinking Beer Amber Ale 4.2%
Blackjack Pub Ale Best 4.0%
Blackjack Salvation! Session IPA Session IPA 4.5%
Blue Monkey Infinity Plus 1 IPA 5.6%
Blue Shed Smoked Bitter Smoked Bitter 4.8%
Brass Castle Bad Kitty Strong 5.5%
Brew York Big Eagle West Coast IPA 6.4%
Brew York Tonkoko Milk Stout 4.3%
Brewery 288 Sussex Ale Bitter 4.7%
Brewery 288 Sussex Light Table 2.8%
Bristol Beer Factory Believe In Lilt IPA 4.0%
Bristol Beer Factory Clear Head Pale 0.5%
Bristol Beer Factory High Voltage IPA 5.0%
Broadoak Premium Perry Perry 7.5%
Broadoak Cider Perry Perry - Medium 7.5%
Brolly BrollyMoose Imperial Stout 10.0%
Brolly Burble Pale 3.7%
Brolly Sauce Pale 3.8%
Bumblebee Jungle Fruit 4.0%
Burning Sky Aurora IPA 5.6%
Burning Sky Aurora (V) IPA 5.6%
Burning Sky Dark Mild Mild 3.2%
Burning Sky Extra Stock Ale Bitter 7.2%
Burning Sky Summertime (V) Pale 4.5%
Burrow Hill Cider Dry 6.0%
Butford Cider Organics Dry 8.0%
By The Horns Blue Bird Golden Ale 4.5%
By The Horns Lambeth Walk Porter Porter 5.1%
By The Horns Macaroon Stout Stout 5.8%
By The Horns Midnight Red Red 4.0%
Canterbury 24 Dark Gold Golden Ale 6.7%
Canterbury Ales Green & Gold Green Hop IPA 5.4%
Canterbury Ales The Miller's Ale Best 4.5%
Castle Rock Black Gold Mild 3.8%
Castle Rock Harvest Pale Pale 3.8%
Celtic Marshes Cuckoo Penny Ruhbarb Fruit 4.0%
Cerne Abbas Gurt Coconuts Rum Stout Stout 6.7%
Chapter Kandata Pale 4.7%
Cloak & Dagger Holy Calamity Pale 4.0%
Cloak & Dagger Komodo Bozo Pale 4.2%
Cloudwater Fuzzy NE Pale 4.2%
Cloudwater SoCal IPA 4.8%
Colchester Metropolis Golden Ale 3.9%
Craven Brew Co BAP (Black Angus Porter) Porter 4.5%
Craven Brew Co BYB Best 3.8%
Crones Crones Rum Cask Cider 6.9%
Crones Rum Cask 6.9% Rum Cask (D) Cider 6.9%
Crouch Vale Amarillo Golden Ale 5.0%
Crouch Vale BlackWater Mild Mild 3.7%
Cwrw Ial Limestone Cowboy Bitter 4.5%
Cwrw Iâl Pocket Rocket Pale 4.0%
Dancing Duck Ay Up Pale 3.9%
Dark Revolution So.LA IPA 4.5%
Dark Star Imperial Stout Strong 11.0%
Darkland Indie Brew Co. Boardwalk Bliss Pale 4.4%
Deeply Vale Citra Storm Golden Ale 4.0%
Disruption Is Brewing Memoirs Of A Geezer Bitter 4.2%
Distant Hills Kerala IPA 4.2%
Double Vision Cider Co Impeared Vision (Perry) Perry - Medium 7.4%
Dove Street Gold Golden Ale 4.0%
Downland OMB Bitter 3.8%
Downland Today was The Future Empirical Stout 9.0%
Downlands Devil's F**king Dyke Imperial Porter 8.5%
Downlands Lightstorm IPA 4.8%
Downlands Lost Weekend Stout 5.3%
Downton Brewery Chimera IPA IPA 6.8%
Dunkertons Cider Dry Organic Cider Dry 6.8%
Durham Cumulo Nimbus Hazy Lemondrop IPA IPA 4.3%
East London Amarillo Pale 4.2%
Eight Arch Pendulum Idaho 7 IPA 4.8%
Elland South Sea Pale Pale 4.1%
Elusive Ayrenn Pale 4.5%
Elusive Bloons NZ Pale 4.2%
Elusive Level Up: Level 31 American Red 5.0%
Elusive Brew Oregon Trail IPA 5.8%
Escapist Brew Co. Chunx IPA 6.5%
Fallen Acorn Quiet Beer Stout 5.3%
Farmer Jims Rhubarb Bob Fruit 4.0%
Fat Cat Tabby Best 4.0%
Fauna Bushy Tail Best Bitter 3.8%
Fell Ghyll Golden Ale 3.7%
Fell Howe Pale 4.4%
Firebird Citra Pale 4.1%
Firebird Heritage Best 4.0%
Firebird Old Old 4.5%
Firebird Parody Amber Ale 4.5%
First Chop DDH Azacca & Enigma Pale 5.0%
Five Points Brick Field Brown Brown Ale 5.4%
Five Points FIVE POINTS GOLD Golden Ale 4.0%
Five Points Hook Island Red Red 6.0%
Five Points XPA Pale 4.0%
Fixed Wheel Cookie Stout 4.7%
Flying Trunk Day Break Pale 5.1%
Flying Trunk Fist Full of Hops Pale 4.6%
Flying Trunk For A Few Hops More (V) Pale 4.6%
Flying Trunk Good Natured (V) Pale 4.3%
Flying Trunk Past Your Bedtime Stout Stout 6.0%
Flying Trunk Way Past your Bedtime Stout Stout 7.5%
Fullers ESB Bitter 5.5%
Fullers Prize Old Ale Strong 9.0%
Fyne Castle Black Stout 4.5%
Garden Elderflower Cider 4.0%
Garden Vintage Dry Cider 6.0%
Goacher's Gold Star Golden Ale 5.1%
Goacher's Real Mild Mild 3.4%
Godstone Tunnel Visions Stout 4.6%
Goldmark Citra IPA IPA 4.8%
Goldmark Citra Smash Pale 4.4%
Goldmark Green Hop Special 4.5%
Goldmark SMADH IPA 5.0%
Goldmark Vanilla Black Porter 5.6%
Goldmark Vanilla Black Porter 5.2%
Goldmark (Hurst) Watchtower Porter 5.5%
Good Chemistry Cross Country Pale 4.3%
Grain Blackwood Stout (V) Stout 4.5%
Green Jack Mahseer IPA IPA 5.8%
Gun American Brown APA 5.0%
Gun Green Hop IPA 5.1%
Gun Parabellum Milk Stout (V) Stout 4.1%
Gun Summer Bitter Bitter 4.0%
Gun Brewery Scaramanga Extra Pale Pale 3.9%
Gwatkin Yarlington Mill Medium Sweet 6.5%
Gwatkin Yarlington Mill (SV) Cider 7.5%
Hammerton Crunch Milk Stout 5.4%
Hammerton N7 IPA 5.2%
Hammerton Penton Stout 5.4%
Hancocks Cider Sweet 6.0%
Hand Imperial Stout Stout 10.0%
Hand Brew Co Bird Best 4.2%
Handsome Hound IPA 4.0%
Harry's Cider Dirty Harry's 4.0%
Harvey's Armada Ale Bitter 4.5%
Harvey's Bonfire Boy Smoky ESB 5.8%
Harvey's Dark Mild Mild 3.0%
Harvey's Lewes Castle Brown Ale Brown Ale 4.8%
Harvey's Old Old 4.3%
Harvey's Prince Of Denmark Porter 7.5%
Harvey's Wild Hop Pale 3.7%
Heathen Atemporal Pale 3.9%
Heathen Mild V3 (V) Mild 3.2%
Heathen New Imperial Stout Stout 9.0%
Hedgedog Lighthouse Pale (V) Pale 4.8%
Hobsons Old Prickly Pale 4.2%
Holts Mild Mild 6.0%
Holts Sixex Strong 6.0%
Hook Norton Old Hooky Bitter 4.6%
Hop Shed Buckeye Bitter 4.5%
Hop Union Maiden Voyage Best 4.0%
Hop Union Moose River APA 5.0%
Hopback Summer Lightening Pale 5.0%
Horsham Carfax IPA 6.0%
Horsham Hop Oast to Peru Pale 4.2%
Horsham Horsham Old Old 4.5%
Horsham Kerve Ball Session IPA 4.5%
Horsham Old Old 4.5%
Howling Hops Lunchtime Bowtie Pale 4.5%
Howling Hops Moody ESB ESB 5.5%
Howling Hops Old Habits Stout Stout 4.4%
Hurst Keepers Golden Ale Golden Ale 4.4%
Hurst Watchtower London Porter Porter 5.5%
Ilkley Coronation Street Golden Ale 4.0%
INNformal Inn House Best Bitter Bitter 4.1%
Iron Pier 90 Shilling Scotch Ale 5.9%
Iron Pier Perry St Pale Pale 3.7%
Joe 'The Hog' Marsh (Middle Farm) Mainomenos Delusions (MD) Cider 7.0%
John Bachelor (JB) Medium (M) Cider 7.1%
Kelburn Jaguar Golden Ale 4.5%
Kelham Island Pale Rider IPA 5.2%
Kent Black Horse Porter Porter 5.0%
Kent Born to be Mild Mild 3.5%
Kent Cobnut Ruby 4.1%
Kent Zingiber Pale 4.1%
Kirkstall Three Swords Pale 5.0%
Kirstall Disolution IPA 5.0%
Kissingate Above & Beyond IPA 6.0%
Kissingate Above and Beyond Pale 6.0%
Kissingate Black Cherry en plus Mild 7.0%
Kissingate Black Cherry Mild Mild 4.2%
Kissingate Blackeyed Susan Mild 6.8%
Kissingate Horsham Ditty Porter Porter 6.0%
Kissingate Little Green Nutter Amber Ale 5.0%
Kissingate Ripple En Plus Dubbel 6.0%
Lakedown Kicking Donkey Best Bitter (GF) (V) Bitter 4.2%
Lakedown Sussex Pale (GF) (V) Pale 4.3%
Lancaster Seville Golden Ale 4.4%
Langham Black Swallow Black IPA 6.0%
Langham His Majesty Golden Ale 3.9%
Langham Last Bus Pale 4.5%
Langham Triple XXX Mild 4.4%
Langhams Aegir Porter 7.5%
Leigh on Sea Kursaal Gold (V) Golden Ale 3.9%
LHG Brewpub Dark Mild Mild 4.0%
Liquid Light Count On Jane Pale 4.5%
Little Brewing Loop Pale 3.7%
Little Monster Sussex Super Sesh Pale 4.2%
Little Monster Yul Pale 4.6%
Long Man NZ Pale Pale 3.9%
Long Man Old Man Old 4.3%
Lords Fell Runner Pale 3.8%
Loud Shirt EXP 05 (V) Ruby 6.6%
Loud Shirt Like Clockwork (V) Pale 4.3%
Lulworth Skipper Chilli Cider 5.0%
Lulworth Skipper Chilli Cider Cider 6.5%
Lune Brew Lune Brew Special IPA 4.6%
Mad Squirrel London Porter Porter 5.0%
Mad Squirrel Mr Squirrel Bitter 4.0%
Magic Dragon Green One Pale 4.2%
Mallinsons Nelson Sauvin Golden Ale 3.8%
Marble Berimbolo Blonde 4.5%
Marble Lagonda IPA 5.0%
Marble Manchester Bitter Best 4.2%
Marble Reading, Writing & Arithmetic IPA 6.3%
Marshwood Vale Cider Puck Medium 6.9%
Merry Moon Dark Cider Of The Moon Cider 6.0%
Merry Moon Elderflower Cider Fruit - Medium 6.0%
Merry Moon Very Cherry Medium 6.0%
Mighty Oak Cascade IPA IPA 6.2%
Mobberley Onyx Stout 5.0%
Monkey Brewhouse Tollhouse English Bitter 3.8%
Monty's Navigation Pale 4.0%
Moon Apollo Pale 4.2%
Moonshine Rum & Raisin Fruit 4.0%
Neptune Abyss Stout 5.0%
Newton Court Harry Masters Jersey (SV) (MD) Cider 6.2%
Nightingale Tenterden Medium 5.5%
Nightjar Lost in Ikea NEIPA 4.2%
Northern Monk Holy Faith Hazy Pale 0.5%
Northern Whisper Rum Bugger Winter Ale 5.0%
Nuthurst Dry Cider 6.0%
Nuthurst Forest Fruits Cider 4.0%
Nuthurst Fred's Perry (M) Perry 7.1%
Nuthurst Perry Perry 6.0%
Nuthurst Orchard Kevin 'n' Perry Perry 6.5%
Nuthurst Orchard Pick of the Crop Cider 7.5%
Nuthurst Orchard Rhubarb Rhubarb Cider 6.8%
Nuthurst Orchard The Joker Cider 5.0%
Nuttycombe Cotleigh Nutcracker Mild 3.4%
Nuttycombe Just One More Best 3.7%
Nuttycombe Snow Leopard Mild 4.9%
Oakham Citra Pale 4.2%
Oakham Citra T90 IPA 4.6%
Oakham Yonder IPA 5.2%
Oliver’s Classic Perry (M) Perry 6.0%
Only With Love Firecracker (V) ESB 5.2%
Only With Love Yacht Rock Extra Pale (V) Pale 3.8%
Oscars Brewery Bad To The Bone IPA 3.8%
Palmers Dorset Gold Golden Ale 4.5%
Palmers Tally Ho Strong 5.5%
Park Sugar Moon Pale 4.1%
Pennine Continental Blonde Pale 4.3%
Phoenix Wobbly Bob Strong 6.0%
Pilton Labryrinth Medium 5.9%
Pulpt Flare Bittersweet 4.9%
Purbeck Cider Joe's Farmhouse Dry 5.6%
Quantock The Simple Things Best 4.1%
Red Willow Wreckless APA 4.8%
Reddaways Cider Dry Dry 0.0%
Redemption Big Chief IPA 5.5%
Redwillow Wreckless APA 4.8%
Ringwood Old Thumper Bitter 5.1%
Riverside Beeding Best Bitter 4.2%
Roosters Capability Brown Best 4.0%
Roosters Tropical Assasin APA 6.1%
Roosters Twenty Four Seven IPA 4.7%
Ross on Wye Bulmer's Norman Blend Dry 6.3%
Rother Valley Blues Winter Ale 5.0%
Rother Valley Hoppers Ale Best 4.4%
Rother Valley Level Best Best 4.0%
Rother Valley Smild Mild 3.8%
Salopian Neewollah Pale 4.0%
Saltaire Nectaron NZ Pale 3.9%
Sambrook's Junction Bitter 4.5%
Sandford Scrumpy Scrumpy 6.0%
Sanford Orchards Sandford Reserve Medium-Dry 7.4%
Seacider Blood Orange Cider 4.0%
Seacider Mango Cider 4.0%
Seacider Medium Cider 4.0%
Seacider Original Medium-Dry 5.8%
Seacider Rasberry Ripple Medium 4.0%
Seacider Rhubarb Cider Fruit - Medium 4.0%
Seven Bro7hers Red Ale Special 4.5%
Severn Cider 7evern Perry Perry 5.4%
Shepherd Neame Bishops Finger Bitter 5.0%
Sheriffs Brewery Die Hard IPA 3.8%
Shiny 4Wood English Bitter 4.5%
Signal Solo Porter 4.6%
Signal Sticky Hoppy Pudding Best 4.3%
Signature Bells End ESB 5.2%
Silly Moo Unfiltered Medium 5.0%
Siren Broken Dream Breakfast Stout Stout 6.5%
Siren White Tips Wit Beer 4.5%
Siren Yu Lu Pale 3.6%
Siren & Mash Gang Call of the Void Nitro Stout 0.5%
Siren & Mash Gang Out of Nowhere West Coast Pils 0.5%
Skinners Betty Stogs Best 4.0%
Snails Bank Pig Squeal Medium 7.0%
Snails Bank Rhubarb & Winter Spice Christmas 4.0%
South Downs Elderflower (M) Cider 4.0%
South Downs Rhubarb Cider 4.0%
Southdown Classic Dry Dry 4.5%
Southport Dark Knight Mild 3.9%
Southwark Bermondsey Best Bitter 4.4%
Squawk Pavo Pale 3.8%
Staggeringly Good Women Inherit The Earth IPA 4.5%
Stancill Treason Special 4.5%
Stardust Searching Pale 6.0%
Stewart Edinburgh Gold Golden Ale 4.8%
Strange Times Neo Cosmo Blonde Blonde 4.1%
Sunken Knave Mumping Ale Old 6.0%
Sussex Small Batch Zucotto Raspberry Stout 5.5%
Sussex Small Batch Zucotto (Barrel Aged) Stout 5.0%
Swannay Starboard Porter Porter 4.5%
Tempest Long White Cloud NZ Pale 5.4%
The Kernel Export India Porter Porter 5.8%
Thirst Class Bitter Me Up Bitter 3.8%
Thistly Cross Whisky Cask Sweet 6.7%
Thornbridge Coltrane Brown Ale 5.0%
Thornbridge Jaipur IPA 5.9%
Thornbridge Melba Peach IPA 5.2%
Thornbridge Padley Bitter 3.4%
Three Acre Bonfire Strong 6.6%
Three Acre Extra Pale Ale Pale 4.5%
Three Acre IPA IPA 5.0%
Three Acre Ruby Porter Porter 4.2%
Three Legs India Black Ale Dark Ale 4.8%
Three Peaks Pen-Y-Ghent Bitter Bitter 3.8%
Tiny Rebel Cwtch Red 4.6%
Tiny Rebel OH Apricot Milkshake IPA 4.2%
Titanic Classic Mild Mild 3.5%
Titanic Plum Porter Stout 4.9%
Titanic Rasberry Pale Pale 4.7%
Titsey Californian Spring Pale 4.2%
Titsey Gower Wolf Bitter 4.0%
Top Notch Marginal Gains APA 4.8%
Track Sonoma Pale 3.8%
Trenchmore Silly Moo Cowfold Medium Dry Cider 4.8%
Triple fff Stairway Pale 4.6%
Triple FFF Alton's Pride Best 3.8%
Tudor Tudor IPA IPA 4.0%
Twickenham American Nut Brown Brown Ale 5.0%
Twickenham Summer Sun Pale 4.4%
Twisted Barrel Gods Twisted Sister Stout 4.5%
Twisted Barrel This Mess (V) Golden Ale 4.0%
Twisted Oak Leveret APA 4.6%
Unbarred ESB Bitter 5.5%
Unbarred Old Ale Old 5.2%
Unbarred The Long Black Porter 5.0%
Urban Island DSB Golden Ale 4.6%
Urban Island Frequencies & Vibrations Pale 4.5%
Urban Island Small Print Pale 5.0%
Ventons Cider Sweet Maid Of Devon Sweet 6.5%
Wantsum Thunderbolt IPA 6.0%
Watchmakers ///shins.former.mild Mild 3.9%
Watchmakers Pendulum Choc/Hazelnut Porter Porter 5.2%
Wharf Coggeshall Gold Golden Ale 4.0%
Wharf EPA 100 Pale 3.8%
Wharf Parkstone Porter Porter 4.5%
Wild Card Cask Bitter 4.2%
Wilde Child Brownie Hunter Stout 4.9%
Wilkins Farmhouse Cider Medium 6.0%
Wily Fox Karma Citra Golden Ale 4.3%
Wimbledon Copper Leaf American Red 4.0%
Wimbledon Quartermaine IPA IPA 5.8%
Wimbledon SW19 Golden Ale 4.0%
Woodfordes Volt Pale 4.5%